Basic Information

Born: 2004

Breed: Mustang (BLM)

Gender: Mare

Height: 14.3

Weight: 1,249 lbs

Color: Chestnut with very light roan

Training: Leads, ties, good for farrier. 3.5 months under saddle training in 2019.

Health: Excellent overall health. Up to date on vaccines and deworming. Has a slight swayback. 

Adoption fee: $850

Missy's Story

Missy is a chestnut mare with very light roan throughout her hair. She is a branded BLM Mustang from the Warm Springs Canyon in Nevada. Freezebrand: 04590008

Missy came to the horse rescue from a lady who had advertised her for $200 on Craigslist. We were told that Missy was unhandled, that she was 4 years old, and that she got Missy so she could breed her to a Friesian stud. We contacted her in the first place because she was only advertising Missy for $200 and that price was way too cheap and is at risk for kill buyers. We ended up seeing Missy in person. Missy’s halter was too small (causing permanent hairloss on her nose and just behind her ears) and she was frightened. We asked the lady if she would take $100 if we would pick up Missy the same day. Fortunately, she agreed. 

Missy had not been cared for very well. Her feet were overgrown and she wasn't vaccinated nor wormed.  We had her vet checked, vaccinated and wormed. She was in quarantine for 30 days at our facility. We had her hooves trimmed (under sedation) to get her feet back to manageable size. For her hoof trims now we don't have to sedate her and she does well. When giving Missy wormer (or sedation), we put a bridle on her and she takes the medicine. 

Missy was very untrusting and it took quite a while to get her to trust us. She can be hard to catch at times, but if you are patient, she will eventually come to you. 

Missy knows how to lunge both ways, back up, and comes forward. She can be haltered and tied. She was in training for three and a half months, during which she was ridden under saddle. Unfortunately, the trainer introduced the breast collar too tight and did not give her enough time to process before he rode her outside the round pen. Missy went into a bucking fit and he eventually jumped off. She has not been ridden since then, but we have started working her in the roundpen again. She is responsive and sensitive to pressure. 

She can be a little nervous and cautious, but once she trusts you, she will work with you. She would thrive with an experienced handler and daily interaction along with a refresher under saddle.

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