STAHR is happy to have saved one more horse.  This special 4 year old gelding is a Throughbred off the track.


When STAHR was originally contacted about taking Count On You, the plan was to give his fractured left back cannon from six to nine months of stall rest for this to heal.


Count is one of the lucky ones, many horses injured at the track are humanely euthanized after an injury.


Count On You arrived at Save Them All Horse Rescue and captured the hearts of all who met him.  He truly is an amazing horse.  Not to mention, he went over well with the girls, as he is tall, dark and handsome.


After a few weeks at STAHR more x-rays were done and it was realized that the fracture had become a compression break due to Count's size.  Veterinarian evaluations were done and he was rushed to surgery to save his life.


Even the UC Davis head surgeon, Dr. Galuppo wanted to give it his best shot at giving Count a healthy future.  He too realized what an amazing horse Count is.


Everyone pulled and prayed for Count.  He is back at STAHR and revocering nicely.  X-rays will be done in December to see how the healing is going.  We hope for the best.


STAHR appreciates any donation toward his care, we are still paying off his surgery cost of $3,200.


Update  2/24/2016...

Count x-rays look great and he is healing just the way the doctors anticipated.  He has been given a little more room to stretch out, but we are still monitoring his progress and limiting his movement.





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